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 PASTOR:   The pastor provides spiritual and organizational leadership for the church.  The pastor leads the worship services including the message and application of God’s word in our lives.  The pastor is actively involved in all aspects of life in the church.


LAY LEADER:   The lay leader works closely with the minister to respond to the ministry and spiritual needs of a church. Their role is to foster the work of the laity within the congregation in both the church and the community.  The lay leader also often helps during communion and helps with worship, especially when the pastor is absent.


TRUSTEES:  The trustees are responsible for the maintenance and improvements to the buildings and grounds around the church and parsonage. If you would like to help in this area or you see a need for maintenance or improvement, contact the Trustees Chairperson


ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL:  The administrative council governs the church.  It is made up of church officers, chairpersons of each work area, and members from the church at large.  The Council makes final decisions on all matters affecting the spiritual and social life of the church, church finances,  budget, and the church’s properties.


TREASURER:   The treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all finances of the church.  The treasurer maintains the church’s accounts, keeps track of the budget, income, expenses, and prepares reports.


FINANCIAL SECRETARY:  The financial secretary keeps track of all donations and makes sure specified donations go to their proper fund, and prepares year-end statements for all contributors.